My Pet Plant

The LPU-NSS Volunteers of Lovely Professional University planted 300 saplings on 1st September under the plantation drive “My Pet Plant” in one of the adopted village .On this occasion chief guest of event village sarpanch welcome the NSS volunteers. The volunteers encouraged the villagers to plant saplings and also gave the message of importance of clean and green earth during the event. The LPU-NSS 15 volunteers participated in event.

Main objective of this event was to enable the students to understand the community in which they work and To create awareness among the people, that how important is this to maintain ecological balance on the earth and also to make them understand why we are planting saplings and why they should do the same on vacant unused land areas. On this occasion the LPU-NSSvolunteers come to a sense of social and civic responsibility and gain skills in mobilizing community participation.

’’After having a proper survey regarding vacant land areas of the village, with consultation of the village sarpanch and the villagers, we came to know that more than 700 saplings can be planted easily in the village and thus we decided to accomplish this task in few half’s. So on this two days plantation drive we target to plant 350 saplings in various vacant places of the village,15 NSS volunteers were the part of the event.’’